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Lukla flight problem Autumn 2011

No flights to Lukla airport for last 4 days

Flights to Tenjing-Hillary Airport in Lukla of Solukhumbu district have been halted for the last 4 days due to the
unfavourable whether.
Hundreds of tourists have been stranded in Lukla as the flights could not resume on the 4th consecutive day,
Friday. According to the airport officials, the airport sees around 50 flights a day.
The hotels in Lukla have been packed as the travelers are compelled to stay there, according to a local.
Most of those who have been staying in Lukla are the tourists who returned from the Everest Base Camp and
surrounding treks.
Lukla airport is the toughest airport in the country because of its geographical location. And every season,
every year tourists are compelled to face this big problem
with the flights but due to no other alternative this keeps going on and on every year....
For some local brokers and lodges it is the nice opportunity to earn easy money, charging higher price for rescue 
flights to necessary foods and accommodations tourists are really not treated well in these condition.. which
unfortunately is a shame for all of us tourism personal & organizations to whole country..the main problem is we
never seem to learn from the past experience...we are sure to face this problem once again in the coming year
And no one knows what to do at that time again..........

About AGTreks

Adventure Geo Treks is an environmentally conscious adventure and cultural travel organization based in Nepal, With experience of more than 25 years, specializing in all kind of treks, travels and Adventures around the Himalayas of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. A Truly dedicated company for the satisfaction of it's customers with the best possible service in the best reasonable price. One of the quick rising companies of Nepal.


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