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Number of Peaks in Nepal

Nepal, a tiny state between two giant countries of the world, India in South and China in North is mainly known for it’s massif range of high peaks, the Himalayas! The highest point on earth at 8848 meters the summit of Mt. Everest is in Nepal including many other countless peaks, this is one of the main reason why every year thousands of tourists travel to Nepal from around the world to see or to set foot on those white, many people might wonder, how many peaks there really are? well there are thousands of peaks but you can find below the official detail on the number of peaks above 5500m in Nepal:

Above 8000 meters 17
Between 7500 to 8000 meters 40
Between 6000 to 7500 meters 1253
Between 5500 to 6000 meters 603
Total Number of Peaks above 5500 meters 1913

At present there are 326 peaks opened for mountaineering expeditions in Nepal including 13 peaks above 8000m (some of the 13 peaks are part of the same massif as their main peak). So, there are surely more than enough in Nepal for any mountain enthusiastic from around the world and it’s clear why Nepal is known as the Himalayan Kingdom!




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